P5000 Slimline Penetrator The P5000 Slimline (SL) draws on the reliability and technology of the P5000 Penetrator and compresses it into a smaller package. The three-legged, field-installed, design requires only 7/8” (22.23 mm) annular space making it the smallest penetrator on the market. This pioneering solution allows for the deployment of ESPs in tight casing and smaller production casing wells.

The P5000 SL is available for production packer and ESP surface wellhead penetrations.

Packer Penetrator Applications - P5000 SL technology is used to isolate the three conductor leads of the ESP cable and pass them through the production packer. This solution supports both Multi-Port and Dual String Packer designs.

Wellhead Penetrator Application - The P5000 SL requires three, 3/8” NPT ports for installation in the wellhead which allows for a system that is perfect for new applications or which can be easily adapted to fit existing applications where the wellhead is able to be modified.

The P5000 SL delivers the same performance rating as the standard P5000 with a 5,000 psi API WP (13,500 psi Proof Test) with a maximum voltage of 5000 VAC and both 150 and 190 Amp systems are available.