Packer Penetrators

The QCI Packer Penetrator Systems use the patented and reliable P5000 technology to isolate the three conductor leads of the ESP cable and pass them thru the production packer. This solution supports both Multi Port and Dual String Packer designs.

Multi-Port Packers

A Multi-Port Production Packer uses independent ports to pass the ESP cable and additional line support lines. QCI’s unique ability to isolate the 3 conductors and seal the 3 legs in tubing provide the perfect solution to support Multi-Port Packers. This approach can support both straight porting and deviated ports through the packer to support more complex designs. Metal-to-Metal fittings are used above and below the packer to ensure complete isolation from the wellbore fluids below the packer.

The P5000 Penetrator is the backbone of the design and continues to outperform the competition in the harshest environment of H2S around the world.