Heater and Flow Assurance Heater applications continue to prove their ability to improve production in cold and low viscosity wells. QCI’s pioneering spirit and expertise in ESP cable connections makes them a perfect supplier for heater applications also. We have the experience with mineral insulated (MI) heater cables to provide reliable connections with wellhead penetrations to meet your requirements. Our experience with leading MI cable providers in sizes from .496” to 1.13” OD makes us a go to for heater applications, downhole, and surface connections.

QCI offers a complete line of connections to support downhole heater application and heaters used for flow assurance. Solutions include: Direct to Mineral Insulation (MI) cable – Surface connection with local junction box – Downhole connection with surface penetrator – Surface jumper lead MI Lead to ESP Cable Surface Cable Connections are supported with our ESP wellhead solutions and both P3000-2 and P5000 Penetrators.