Hanger with Cover Plate Solutions The Hanger with cover plate solution offers the same reliability of the hanger only solution and adds a cover plate. The cover plate is placed over an extended neck of the hanger and matches the flange diameter of the tubing spool’s top flange. The cover plate protects both the ring groove and lockscrews to ensure future rework can be accomplished without issues. We offer both steel and rubber cover plate solutions to protect the tubing spool from the elements and complete the well. 

Steel Cover Plate - These cover plates provide an additional barrier of protection from the elements with a seal around the neck of the hanger and in the ring groove of the tubing spool. These seals protect the hanger and tubing spool from corrosion and provide a secondary seal for the tubing hangers body seals. 
Rubber Cover Plate – Rubber cover plates are a simple solution to top the well and protect it from the elements and are offered in 7-1/16” 5,000 and 10,000 flange diameters. 

QCI stocks a full line of hangers to support ALL brands of tubing spools. Our experience with more than 50 styles of hangers provides us the unique ability deliver, with confidence, a hanger that will fit the tubing spool on your well without a costly re-completion spool. We stock 7-1/16” hangers for 2-3/8”, 27/8”, and 3-1/2” EUE. Most hangers are stocked with a 3/8” port to support common 3/8” and 1/4" capillary lines. Additional ports can be added to meet your specific requirements. We can also provide special application hangers with premium threads, materials to support CO2 and H2s, quickly and at very competitive prices.

The P3000-2 penetrator solution is used to provide the highest reliability on the market with its patented cable seal technology. A local conduit box provides direct access to trouble shooting downhole challenges and eliminates the need for a junction box. The P3000-2 System is offered with FM, CSA, ATEX, and IECEx third party certifications to ensure reliability and local code compliance.


QCI stocks additional wellhead accessories to support your ESP installations:

TCM Re-Completion Spools Double studded Adapter (DSA)
This is a Adapter. It supports "Hanger with Adapter" The P3000-2 Cable Seal Penetrator. P3000-2DM Retrofit Solution