QCI’s P3000 Cable Seal Penetrator is the smallest solution on the market naming it perfect to replace failed and unreliable bulk head penetrators that use pigtails and splices. QCI stocks more than 105 Dummy Mandrels to convert and improve existing ESP wellheads to QCI’s P3000-2 Cable Seal Penetrator.

The Dummy Mandrel matches the outside profile of the existing penetrator that passes through the hanger and adapter. Seals and threads are incorporated to the profile to ensure a direct fit. Inside the Dummy Mandrel is QCI’s simple P3000-2 seal pocket profile and a 1-1/4” internal thread at the top to connect the local junction box.

This simple solution continues to deliver the most reliable ESP cable solutions in to reduce cable and penetrator failures on and offshore while reusing valuable wellhead assets.


QCI stocks additional wellhead accessories to support your ESP installations:

TCM Re-Completion Spools Double studded Adapter (DSA)
This Adapter supports "Hanger with Adapter"
P3000-2 Cable Seal Penetrator