Making the Packo Super!


Super Pack offers superior well control and safety to traditional packos with the ability to run and land through the BOP stack. Slip hanger space-out issues are now eliminated as the hanger lands in the same location everytime ensuring easy flowline make-up.

A split packing set is easily installed within a small 12" cable work area. Seals are energized using the top bolts that can be re-energized later if required.

On reruns, the ESP cable can be easily removed from the bottom of the hanger by removing the lower retainer. This alleviates the challenge of removing the packo from a top pocket.

The 7*1/16" Tubing Hanger is designed to fit in all major brands of wellhead and can be used in 5,000 and 10,000 PSI Tubing Spools.

Hanger comes standards with a 3/8" NPT port to support capillary lines. Plugs are provided if no line is used.


  • Hanger lands through the BOP for full well control.
  • Consistent flowline height based on landing in spool. No need to measure and then set slips for correct height.
  • Increased safety by not having hands in between the elevators and a slip type hanger.
  • No damage or deterioration to the tubing string due to the slips holding string weight. 
  • Universal tubing hanger design fits in most tubing spools.
  • Reliability increased by not having any conductive material surrounding the cable.
  • Increased safety by not having to strip the cable through the BOP during installation. During a normal packo installation personnel are under a suspended load while pulling the cable through the BOP.
  • Overall lower tree height by being able to land into customer's tubing head.
  • Hanger ported of capillary line.
  • ESP Packing and cable can be easily removed from the bottom of the hanger.
  • Hanger has corrosion protection.



The Super Pack hanger will fit all 7-1/16" 5,000 and 10,000PSi wellhead designs.

  • Pressure: Rated to 1500 PSo
  • Temp: 200°F (93°C) -70°F (-56°C)
  • Made of NACE compliant material.
  • For use with all 7" and 5-1/2" 17lbs/ft or lighter production casings.
  • Reference QCI S-429 for full installaion procedures.