Production BOP



One Wellhead Solution that supports ALL artificial lift methods.

  • Initial flow
  • ESP
  • Rod Lift
  • PCP
  • Gas lift
  • Jet pump
  • Plunger lift

Supports capillary lines. Integrates field proven designs. Streamlining of wellhead piping will save cost with consistent heights along the lift of the well.



  • Reduced height for easy access.
  • Reduces personal onsite by streamlining wellhead piping, thus eliminating opportunities for incidents on site.


  • A single solution reduces scrap from multiple completions.
  • Less impact on the environment, as less time is required with onsite changes and fabrication.


  • Wellhead can increase the economic viability in converting to several forms of artificial lift, this maximizing production potential.
  • Offset frac ready, with the ability to monitor pressures at various sample points within the wellhead, depending on what AL method is in progress at the time.